Raeghan Keever's story

Reaghan Keever
Jennifer & Reaghan Keever

“Eight days after Raeghan was born she was admitted to Baptist Hospital for heart surgery. It was a very scary time in our lives,” her mother Jennifer said. “You could hardly believe it was happening because you’re sitting there looking at Raeghan on a ventilator, trying to cry and she can’t cry,” said her father Matt.

They held onto Jeremiah 29: 11, trusting and hoping that God had plans for Raeghan’s future. And God’s healing power was at work, saving her life through a team of heart surgeons at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. Today she is a healthy, lively one-year-old.

In the midst of their tremendous gratitude, new fears came with waves of medical bills. This hard working young couple fought the fear of going under financially. “We both work, but the bills were coming in leaps and bounds. Deep down we knew that God wouldn’t let us sink, but it was very hard and easy to forget. The stress and worry were there every day,” Jennifer remembered.

Keever Family
Matt, Reaghan & Jennifer

God saw their needs and reached out to lift their burden through the compassion of North Carolina Baptists.

“When I read the letter about the Mother’s Day Offering, I just cried. That kind of love from N.C. Baptists was overwhelming. We saw God’s hand at work seeing us through the trials,” she gratefully affirmed.

“It was amazing,” Matt said. “You know that was a God-moment when you see that. It was just a blessing. It reminds you that God is in every situation.”

“The Mother’s Day Offering greatly impacted out family,” Jennifer said. “We still sit and cry about this. It really touched our lives.”

“There are many more families out there that can be impacted by the Offering. “We want to give to the Offering now and lift up other families. It’s a way to bring Jesus into the lives of other people.”

Their pastor, Rev. Paul Schronce (Mount Herman Baptist, Taylorsville) said, “The one thing that was amazing to me about the Keevers was just their dependence on God, knowing that He was going to meet their needs and do what needed to be done. God is always at work, even we’re not fully aware of it.”

“That’s what the Mother’s Day Offering is. God is working and He’s using North Carolina Baptists to change hearts and lives. Some who are helped don’t even know or trust God. And when the Mother’s Day Offering comes saying that NC Baptists care about them, and Jesus cares about them, it opens the door for them to say, ‘God is real and He does love me.’ Others who are helped are Christians and they see God’s hand at work. It’s just an awesome opportunity to be a part of what God is doing.”