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Mike & Robin Shepherd's Story

Robin and Mike Shepherd’s fairy tale love story changed when Mike developed Stage IV melanoma: their love grew stronger. When Mike died six heroic years later, he found peace. Robin didn’t. She was still facing burdensome medical bills. “It was overwhelming,” she said. “I was grieving, but I was also worried and embarrassed because I was struggling to pay bills.”

Then she received a letter that said Mike’s medical bills were paid by mission-minded congregations through the Mother’s Day Offering. “You won’t believe the load that was taken off of me. He had just passed away; now, there was one less thing to worry about.” Life without Mike is different for Robin, but it’s no longer filled with financial fear. “Thank you for this Godly love you gave me. Your gift lifts financial burdens.”

Robin encourages others to support the annual Mother’s Day Offering so people can shift their attention from medical bills and focus on what’s most important: caring for their loved one.