Leroy Starnes' story

Leroy Starns
Leroy Starns

Lifting the Broken Back to Their Feet

“I’m thankful to God each day for sparing my life and for the Mother’s Day Offering,” said Leroy Starnes, from Taylorsville, N.C. His life-changing gratitude shines brightly through the darkness of a traumatic injury and long road to recovery.

“I was doing some wiring at home when I fell head first fourteen feet. I could feel the bones crushing in my face and hip, shoulder and ribs. I was in terrible pain and was afraid that I would die. I kept praying for the Lord to help me.”

On the brink of death, Starnes was rushed to Baptist Hospital. God’s healing hand touched him through trauma surgeons and staff, and disaster was averted. “I’m thankful that we have a hospital like Baptist with the best care and the best doctors. I thank God every day for saving my life.”

While exerting great energy to walk again, Leroy and his wife struggled under the crushing burden of financial pressures. “I’m a truck driver and haven’t been able to go back to work yet. My wife was out work for a month taking care of me. The bills kept coming in and it really worried us not having enough money. We didn’t know what we would do.”

The Starnes fell through the cracks of assistance, having too much to qualify for government help – but not making enough to pay the hospital bill they were responsible for. In that frightening place with no room to breathe, God reached out to them through your gift to the Mother’s Day Offering and lifted the burden of his hospital bill.

Amy and Leroy Starnes
Amy & Leroy Starnes

“My wife and I are so grateful for people who give to the Mother’s Day Offering. I can’t describe the relief they gave us. We couldn’t have made it without their help and can’t thank them enough. They helped us get back on our feet and what they’ve done is just a wonderful thing.”

“We didn’t go to church much before the accident, but now we’ve started,” his wife, Amy said through tears of gratitude. “We are so thankful to God and everybody who helped us.”